Friday, 29 April 2011

It's been far too long!

...well, the title says it all really! I must offer my apologies for the tardiness of my posts - where is the time going?!

Anyway, I've been up rather a great deal since my last post (in March?) and I hope a few bits and pieces might interest you to read.
At time of writing, of course everyone (whether they like it or not!) is talking about or at least knows about the Royal Wedding. I had polished my silk topper and brushed my morning coat, but clearly my invitation got lost in the post!... But fear not, I spent the most marvellous day at a street party down in Vauxhall, south London. It was organised by friends who enjoy vintage things too - but what I really liked about the party was that it wasn't in any way strictly for vintage enthusiasts like myself and friends: lots of the locals came out too, everyone got on well, and the party soon took over not just the street but a large expanse of grass! This sort of thing shows the community spirit that Britain was once famous for, and how I wish it were still the case. And it further amuses me that the people who claim a dislike of a Royal Wedding celebration are missing out on just getting to know the neighbours if nothing else!

Secondly, some of you may know that I have (again!) been nominated for the 'Chap of the Year' competition, run by Gustav Temple and the good people behind 'The Chap' magazine. Now, it's generally good fun - but I have been very concerned recently by some of the comments on the voting page on the website: one person in particular seems to take great exception to my being in the competition and has launched what I think you will agree is an extremely rude and sustained attack on me. I have no idea who this person is or why they have done it. Sadly I feel this is taking the fun out of the competition, and my enthusiasm for 'The Chap' has severely waned. I am just fortunate that I have many genuine friends who have commented (without my mentioning it) in my support - so a big thankyou to you all. The trouble with the whole 'Chap' thing is that there's a line between taking it too seriously or not seriously enough - and then within that having a good sense of fun and good humour, or misinterpreting it and frankly being a bloody idiot. When, several years ago, I first became aware of this amazing vintage scene and everything around it, I think I was guilty of this latter trait. But I learnt from my mistakes, have become a better person for it, and have made many very close friends who will remain so for life. I think many people truly misunderstand 'The Chap', and indeed those of us who like vintage things. I would just say that we are real people and do all the things other people do - so don't view us with distain or shower us with insults just because you don't understand. Think before commenting, and everyone benefits.
So, I was somewhat depressed recently by all this - but I've got a busy week ahead and lots to look forward to, which I'm sure I will elaborate on again soon; and sooner than my last post!

Cheerio for now!

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